Episode 2 - 24 Karat Goldschläger

June 11, 2018

Welcome back to The Mitch Jones Show! I just got back from a very fun comedy road trip and was supposed to get this uploaded before I left, but time makes fools of us all! So, with that being said, please enjoy an episode full of tales of college days past, convenience store candy, the pitfalls of previously traditional wedding music, and more!

Also... sorry if the theme song is still way louder than the episode audio. I tried to normalize it in Audacity, but I don't know if it took. I'm still learning!


Episode 1 - Possibly Also the Last Episode

May 31, 2018


This is a thing I did just randomly. I hope you like it and if response is good, I will do more. Hell, I might even still do more even if you hate it just to spite you. It's been 8 years since I started doing stand-up and even though I didn't get this uploaded on the exact day, this podcast was born the same day to celebrate moving forward and learning a whole new facet of this comedy life.

I ramble in this episode with no real aspirations, but it is only 30 minutes long. Just a man and a mic. I talk about doing stand-up in front of your family, the pitfalls of healthcare in this country, and discuss the t-shirts I recently ordered.

Sorry if you can hear me breathing into the mic, I was stuffed-up in the nose when I recorded this. So that may be why my voice is so nasally as well. Unless it isn't and I just have a fucked up voice.

Hope you enjoy! Thank you to This Side of Paradise for letting me use "Free Sex and Frank Tops" as the theme song to the show! These dudes rock and you can check them out and support them by going to their Bandcamp page which is linked here.